The Graduate Program in Nutrition, from the Faculty of Nutrition, through master's degree, was recommended by Coordination of Superior Level Staff Improvement (CAPES) in  2004, and aims to develop human resources for Higher Education and Scientific Research in Nutrition, especially about regional themes. The program had its first selection process in 2005. Since then, it has been held annually.

CAPES Grade: 3

Area: Human Nutrition

Description: The Program encompass the scientific field that integrates Basic Clinical Nutrition and Experimental Nutrition, Food Technology Applied to Health, and Public Health Nutrition.


I - to improve Nutrition and related areas, aiming to offer the student a high technical, scientific and professional standard;

II - to develop an environment that encourages the production of knowledge, through research, teaching, and social demands;

III - to train human resources for qualification and expansion of higher education, professionalization, and research.


PhD – Gustavo Gomes de Araujo (e-mail: gusta_ef@yahoo.com.br)

PhD – Nassib Bezerra Bueno (e-mail: nassib.bueno@fanut.ufal.br)


The scholarships will be conditioned to the availability of quotas from agencies and their distribution, in compliance with the requirements.  Will not be guaranteed to all those selected.