Research Focus

1 - Public Health Nutrition

Description: This Line investigates clinical, dietary, anthropometric, biochemical,  socioeconomic and epidemiological indicators of population groups in different life cycles, including the implementation and evaluation of prevention, intervention and control strategies for nutritional disorders and diseases associated with deficiencies, excesses and dietary mistakes, contributing to the development of nutrition and public health strategies and policies.


2 - Experimental and Clinical Basis of Nutrition

Description: This line investigates the metabolic, physiologic, biochemical and molecular effects associated with nutritional interventions in human beings and animal models, both in pathologic and non-pathologic conditions. It is divided in three main sub-areas: 1) studies involving the use of different dietary approaches in naturally or experimentally-induced diseases, especially regarding chronic diseases; 2) studies involving food science and technology aiming development and evaluation of macro and micronutrients, functional nutrients and nutraceuticals; 3) studies of different nutritional strategies aiming the organic development in conditions of physical stress.