Who we are

Future Vision

The College of Nutrition aims to be recognized as a Reference Center in the training of nutritionists with competence to act and interact with the needs of the community, through research and training in public policies, in the context of the food-health binomial.


The College of Nutrition aims to be an Academic Unit capable of contributing to social changes, in health planning and actions, particularly through the binomial food-health, through research, training and qualification of nutritionists and continuing education, with intervention in health policies.


The College of Nutrition guides its actions based on the principle of prioritizing the overcoming of the health problems of the local population, seeking integrality, equity and universality in the training of nutritionists. It stands out for the defense of the public health system and for the bio-psycho-social well-being of the community, for ethical behavior and for the prioritization of the inseparable axis of teaching / research / extension, in line with the principles of a free, quality public University .