Extension Actions


Title: CULTIVATING HEALTH AND PRACTICING LEISURE IN THE HORTA - Promotion of adequate and healthy food and leisure from the establishment of a vegetable garden in a Municipal Center for Early Childhood Education (CMEI).

Period: 04/01/2018 to 09/30/2019

Abstract: The World Health Organization, in 2004, launched the Global Strategy for Food, Physical Activity and Health, in which the role of adequate and healthy food as a factor in promoting health and preventing diseases, such as hypertension, is well defined. disease, obesity, malnutrition and anemia. Accordingly, the Ministry of Health updated the National Food and Nutrition Policy, designed with the purpose of improving the conditions of food, nutrition and health of the Brazilian population, which must be achieved by implementing the actions that integrate the nine guidelines. The second guideline - Promotion of Adequate and Healthy Food - guides the proposal of this Project. The main objective is to promote health and adequate and healthy food through a vegetable garden that was implemented with the participation of undergraduate students in Nutrition, Agroecology, Agronomy and Social Work, in a Municipal Center for Early Childhood Education (CMEI ). Children and educators are responsible for the care and maintenance of the garden, in order to establish a link with the vegetables produced. The vegetable garden was built on a masonry structure at a height suitable for children; the land is deposited in tiles, which were the rest of UFAL's construction, and serve as flowerbeds. The seedlings are produced at the Center for Agricultural Sciences. The vegetables produced are intended for internal consumption. Undergraduate students develop food and nutrition and health education activities with educators, children and their parents and guardians, to encourage consumption of these foods in the school and home environment. Two results obtained were: the expansion of the garden, at the initiative of the educators themselves and the approach of the children's relatives to the school environment. Therefore, it is necessary to continue this project, with a view to developing it in other CMEI.

Coordinator: Leiko Asakura


Title: FOOD NOTE 10: promoting healthy and adequate food in the Municipal Centers for Early Childhood Education in Maceió.

Period: 04/01/2018 to 09/30/2019

Abstract: Food is part of social rights, inherent to the dignity of the human person, and the school environment must behave as a space for training and exercising rights. Therefore, in this context, it is essential to offer safe and healthy food. However, weaknesses in this aspect are still described in the literature, especially in public early childhood schools. Faced with this reality, the present extension project aims to spread healthy and adequate food in the Municipal Centers for Early Childhood Education (CMEI) linked to the Municipal Education Secretariat (SEMED) in Maceió, through the dissemination of good hygienic-sanitary and nutritional practices along the school community. For this purpose, eight CMEI will be selected. In order to adapt the actions developed to the reality of each school unit, initially information will be collected that allows the profile of each school to be drawn. Thus, in order to assess good nutritional practices, a survey of the preparations used in the schools' monthly menu will be carried out and an analysis of the technical preparation sheets will be carried out to identify the preparations that most contribute to the consumption of sugars, sodium, trans and saturated fats, compounds whose excessive consumption is known to be harmful to health. Parallel to these activities, aspects related to good hygienic-sanitary practices will be evaluated, through the application of a checklist and microbiological analyzes of drinking water and preparations. Based on this diagnosis, activities will be carried out to promote the spread of healthy and adequate food in the CMEI. These actions will be carried out with the SEMED / Maceió nutrition team, food handlers, school managers, students and parents / guardians. Different didactic-pedagogical methods will be adopted. Among them, training, culinary workshops, recreational workshops. . In order for the promotion of healthy and adequate eating habits to go beyond the school environment, this project will also include the carrying out of food and nutrition education activities with students, educators and parents / guardians.

Coordinator: Thaysa Barbosa Cavalcante Brandao




Period: 04/01/2018 to 09/30/2019

Abstract: The objective of the work is to promote income generation for farmers in the Zumbi dos Palmares Settlement (AZP) and surrounding settlements (Branquinha, Murici and Messias - AL), through the cultivation and processing of agroecological products, in order to meet the demands organic fairs at UFAL and promote healthy eating in the UFAL community. The following will be developed: workshops and training courses on public policies to strengthen family farming, organization of fairs, organization of collective purchasing groups and good beekeeping practices; completion of the installation of irrigation equipment to increase the production and diversification of organic foods; conclusion of the data analysis and presentation of results of the socioeconomic, health, food and nutritional security diagnosis for the farmers in the settlements and for the managers of the municipalities involved; implementation of the Organic and Agroecological Food Purchasing Collective at UFAL; participation with the discussion of aspects related to the project's theme in several subjects of the Undergraduate Nutrition course; food and nutrition education activities for consumers and farmers; promotion and participation in events. The project has existed since 2014 and has already contributed to improving the living conditions of farmers, with increased income, new participants joining, through the sustainability process, stimulating production on an agroecological basis and increasing marketing through fairs. It is still necessary to encourage other forms of commercialization, such as sales to PNAE and PAA, as well as through collective purchasing groups.

Coordinator: Maria Alice Araujo Oliveira





Title: I Scientific Day of the Faculty of Nutrition at UFAL - "40 years of Nutrition at UFAL: challenges and advances in the profession"

Period: 12-14 / 11/2018

Abstract: This event will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Faculty of Nutrition of the Federal University of Alagoas (FANUT / UFAL) through mini-courses, round tables and conferences on specific topics of interest in the area of ​​food and nutrition, in addition to discussions about the nutritionist's practice. There will also be a historical record of the student movement at FANUT with the participation of graduates from the course and the current board. Finally, linked to the event, we will hold the 1st Scientific Day of the Postgraduate Program in Nutrition of FANUT / UFAL, with the exhibition and discussion of scientific works produced in the context of the academic unit.

Coordinator: João Araújo Barros Neto

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Title: II SEMINAR OF UNIVERSITY EXTENSION IN HEALTH TRAINING Theme: Curriculum extension in Health Training

Period: 11/24/2018

Abstract: The Extension Coordination of the Faculty of Medicine (COEXC / FAMED) in partnership with the Extension Coordination of the Academic Units of Nursing and Pharmacy (ESENFAR), Nutrition (FANUT), Dentistry (FOUFAL) and Social Service (FSSO) propose the II SEMINAR ON UNIVERSITY EXTENSION IN HEALTH TRAINING AT UFAL: a FAMED organization in partnership with ACADEMIC UNITS OF THE AREA OF HEALTH AND THE LIKE, which will take place on November 24, 2018 (Saturday), at Campus AC Simões daUFAL.


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