According to the Forum of Extension Pro-Rectors of Brazilian Public Universities (FORPROEX), “a university extension, under the constitutional principle of the inseparability between teaching, research and extension, is an interdisciplinary, educational, cultural, scientific and political process that promotes transformative interaction between the University and other sectors of society ”.

In the current project on extension, a university must abandon its hegemonic stance in the face of knowledge and assume a dialectical relationship with the community in which it is inserted, sharing with a society or accumulated knowledge, but at the same time, respecting and nurturing the experiences and the sabers popular; thus, the commitment of the Faculty of Nutrition of the Federal University of Alagoas is to recognize the demands of the population of Alagoas and the instrument of “social change towards justice, solidarity and democracy”.

University Extension is a privileged space to foster new experiences, to recognize parts of society that were previously hidden, to broaden horizons about professional performance and to promote humanistic training for students.

Below are available documents guiding the University Extension in Brazil and UFAL:

Plano Nacional de Educação

Política Nacional de Extensão

Cartilha para a Curricularização da Extensão na UFAL

Curricularização da extensão na UFAL: resolução nº 04/2018

Other information:

Revista Extensão em Debate - UFAL